About Gemini

I am a Gemini and usually we take change well but these days I have had so much change I have decided to take it one day at a time.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I am 34 years old Married to the love of my life my Leo. We have been together for 10 years and Married for 5 years. I am a former Marine I served from 1994 until 2002. I am working at a job that I love but not full up to speed yet. We just bought a house about 2 year ago and we are almost complete with the process of fixing it up! I love the idea that this house was so different when we first looked at it but we saw the potential for what it would be and now that potential or dream if you would call it that is coming true.. 🙂

My Hubby is Leo (if you haven’t guessed he is a Leo) Leo is a funny guy he loves attention I have been told many times that I am his laugh track because I am always laughing at his jokes! He is a music Man that has his own little room in the basement that he loves and is always in. We first met on Christmas day in 1997 he was wearing a tee shirt and jeans with a full afro and beard and on his feet were wool socks with Berks! lol The total opposite of me… In my Marine persona lol. But he spent the night making me laugh and I knew from that day on I would know him for the rest of my life! Now we are stuck together like glue! I love my lion!

Speaking of Lions we have two cubs Sigmund (aka Siggie) and Gibson (aka Button). Siggie is 16 years old this month! and Gibson is only about 2 1/2. Both of our babies are cats that we saved. I am Siggie’s step mommy and Gibson’s mommy. I love my two fur babies with all of my heart! They make me laugh everyday and they are total love cats! Siggie is one of those cats that you can do anything to (except touch his feet which are double pawed) and he just loves it. Mostly he loves Leo the second that he walks in the door after work he will cry until he sits down so that he can sit on him. Gibson is my baby and he follows me everywhere I go in the house! He even follows me to the bathroom…We got him last year after our other baby Zipper passed on to kitty heaven. That was a sad event and we worked passed it yet we still miss him dearly. Gibson is a big cat at least 18 to 20 lbs where as Siggie who used to be bigger is only about 10 lbs. (He is shrinking in his old age) We don’t have children we have cats.. (for now)

Update: Our little baby Siggie has moved on to be with his brother Zipper in heaven. This was a very sad day for our home. It has been hard looking around our house and not seeing him running around the house and away from Gibson. But it was very sad to see him so sick and we couldn’t let him suffer any more.

On a more chipper note we have a new addition to our family by the name of Stella… she is a Tibetan Terrier and she is the sweetest puppy ever! She loves just sitting on the couch with her Mommy and Daddy. She also loves to run in the back yard and play in the snow! I will add a picture of her on the site soon…

That is the short of it I hope to tell you more about me later on through my posts…

If you have questions let me know…

I will do my best to answer them!


I hope to see you here..


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Christi, I have enjoyed reading all on your site and learning more about you.
Thank you for sharing. Love YMIL, Jill

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