100 things about Gemini

1. I was Born in Fitchburg, MA

2. I was the last bubble head Cheerleader at Leominster High School

3. I was in the USMC and stationed in Camp LeJeune, NC for 4 years never made it to anywhere other then NC.

4. My Favorite Scary Book Is “American Psycho”

5. My Favorite Steven King book is “The Stand”

6. My Favorite Classic book is “Pride and Prejudice” I love me some Mr. Darcy!

7. My Favorite Movies (drama) are “The Color Purple” and “Pride and Prejudice”

8. My Favorite Comedy is “Tommy Boy”

9. My Favorite Scary Movie is “The Stand” (It is a possibility… that is what makes it scary)

10. If you couldn’t guess but my favorite color is purple.

11. I love being a Gemini… I like having many different sides!

12. I have been married for 5 year but I have been with Leo for almost 10 years!

13. When I was in the USMC I experimented with women… (Ask me and I might tell you about this)

14. I apprehended a suspect in an attempted murder case while on guard duty by Tying him down with a pair of panty hoes (hog tie style) and kneeling on his back while we waited for the MP’s to come..(I can tell you more about this later)

15. Me and my BF in the USMC handcuffed a guy to his bed naked and left him there with a porn video blasting on loop in his VCR.

16. I used to run 5 miles every other day… (now I don’t run unless someone is chasing me)

17. I am addicted to CSI (all of them)

19. I have two cats with a dog on the way…

20. I am at this time wondering if I ever want to have children. (no thank you)

21. My Best friend is Robin and I met her at her interview for a job at a company that we both got laid off from. (We spent more time im’ing then doing anything else there anyway)

22. I worked for Monster.com for 4 years and just recently “left” about 5 weeks ago. (I have had more luck with Career builder while looking for a job… Shh don’t tell Monster. They are under the impression that the monkey commercial is a fad.)


24. The year we won the World series, I played and won my first and only fantasy baseball league.

25. I have a huge crush on Christian Bale (American Psycho)

26. I love to watch scary movies all by myself at night.

28. I met Leo for the first time on Christmas day 97’

29. But we didn’t go on our first date until Halloween 98’

30. And he didn’t kiss me until November 11th almost 2 weeks later (this is a good story)

31. My favorite Baseball player is Jason Varitek. (Red Sox Catcher and Capitan)

32. I am currently 32 years old (my Birthday is in June)

33. I turn 33 in June… LOL (I know kind of cheese but… it is hard work thinking of 100 things that you don’t know about me.) (I am now 34 erf too old)

34. I love to read I never leave home with out a book.

35. I can read a book in 3 days. (500 to 600 pages any more then that it takes a little longer.)

36. I read the Stand in 1 week. (1153 pages)

37. My Guilty pleasure is watching American Idol and I almost always agree with Simon.

38. I am allergic to Lobster, shrimp, and crab (crustiations) and I live in New England. And I secretly hate anyone that can eat them but doesn’t.

39. I am afraid of spiders and when I was in the USMC I shot one that was as big as my hand with my M16.

40. I can shoot an M16 from 1000 yards away standing.

41. I taught myself to knit.

42. I just knitted 20 hats and scarves for family members for Xmas.

42. Cabo Wabo is my Favorite shot.

43. I am quitting smoking.

44. I love Green tea.

45. My new favorite Show is Moonlight.

46. I kissed my first boy in Kindergarden under a desk while the teacher read us a story.

47. The song that my husband and I danced to at our wedding has been our song for the full 10 years that we have been together.

48. My Cat Siggie died and now we are just one cat and one dog.

49. We are looking at someday getting another Cat and another dog.

50. A great Cat name for a Big orange tabby is Marshall (as in the amp)

51. If we get another dog it will be a boy but we don’t have a name picked out yet.

52. I have joined an organization called Warmer Winters. (I can tell you about this another time)

53. I was 18 the first time that I had sex.

54. I almost moved to Tampa FL when I got out of the USMC.

55. I have lived in 7 different places since February 15th 1998.

56. I have 3 tattoos

57. One tattoo is a white daisy.

58. another says I love Moo.

59.The last is 3 Roses on a short vine.

60. Some day I am going to finish the rose tattoo and have it go from  my right wrist all the way down to my ankle.

61. I won a Daisy Duke contest by default when I was 19 years old. The other girl got arrested.

62. The only thing that calms me when I am going to freak out (besides a smoke) is saying one decade of a rosary.

63. I am not religious at all….

64. I have gone to 23 different states in the USA.

65. I have also gone to Bermuda and to Puerto Rico.

66. I have never been to Canada.

67. I have never seen the Pacific Ocean.

68. My Hubby and I would someday like to fly to LA and then drive up the coast of California all the way to Seattle.

69. Someday I would like to write a book.

70. My Aunt was murdered by her ex-boyfriend

71. I secretly would love to be a stay at home wife (just to stay home and volunteer places).

72. I wish that I was more organized then I look.

73. I make jewelry.

74. I have also made rosary beads.

75. I really don’t like most of the people that I work with at 3com.

76. I have had dirty dreams about a coworker that I used to work with that were so dirty I blush to think about them.

77. I have several short Romance stories that I wrote and one that I have been working on for 10 years.

78. I currently started to write the book that I have been talking about for the last 10 years.

79. But now I have what they call writers block. (Crap I knew that would happen!)

80. I really suck at this blogging thing because I have issues with just letting it all hang out emotionally I mean.

81. My new favorite guy is David Tennant (got to love the goofy Scottish guy!)

82. I am obsessed with Vampires and always have… I love cheesy Vampire movies along with the serious vampire movies.

83. Yes I am an adult that loved the Twilight Series (I can suspend belief and let go of the writing although it is really kind of repetitive. It is all about using the imagination.)

84. I would rob the cradle and embrace the Cougar in me to have a HOT fling with Robert Pattinson. (He is only 22 yrs old!)

85. I think that it would be cool to be a Vampire. (Bad guys beware! You don’t contribute to the well being of the world and to a Vamp you are tasty!)

86. I left the hell that is 3Com and I now work for SynQor. (I love it here! And I truly like all of the people that I work with)

87. I would love to get up from my desk and get in my car and just drive to anywhere.

88. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be in the UK. (Although I have never been there I just know that if I had no issue with money that I could just drive forever exploring.)

89. I would love to see Bobby Dupea perform live. (I will so own his CD as soon as it comes out.) I love a bluesy white boy!

90. I wish that I knew how to play the Piano and I hope that some day soon we will own a standing piano so I can Learn.

91. I am currently taking a Class to become a councilor for the Rape Crisis center in Worcester. (I would like to be a Medical advocate.)

92. I am totally a child of the 80’s and I love 80’s music but… I like the Stereo Fuse version of the song “Everything” more then I liked the Material Issue version from the 80’s (I feel like a serious trader… L )

93. If things didn’t work out for me and Leo then I know that I would never marry again.

94. As for Partners I wouldn’t discriminate by Gender…

95. I know that I wouldn’t stay here in New England either. I would move to a warmer climate. (If I stay in the US)

96. I am a budding photographer…

97. Shhhh…. don’t tell anyone but I kind of miss my long hair…

98. My favorite coffee flavor is Pumpkin spice… I love when Fall comes around because I get to drink it again

99. I am unusually Optimistic most of the time and in the past my Best friend called me Stewart Smilie…. lol (I am good enough, I am smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.)

100. It has taken me almost 2 years to complete this 100 things about me list… erf total procratination.


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I didn’t expect to read them all, but I just did. I was randomly searching something on google and this came up. It was not even that interesting xD but I read them all. I don’t know who you are, but now I know (even more than)100 things about you ^^

It took you almost 2 years to complete? Wtf. That would’ve been a lot of effort. Great list though. 🙂

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